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Products created by Accelerated-Solutions have a satisfaction guaranteed return policy. If your order is not to the specifications requested at the time of purchase, we'll make it right, no questions asked. We'll also cover any associated cost related to shipment of the product. If your order is not what you wanted due to purchasing error, there will be a $15.00 charge for services and we'll recreate the product at your request.

All warranty items have priority and will be returned within one day of receipt.

Accelerated-Solutions is proud to announce that all their products are made in the United States. We strive to obtain all of our material and supporting items from manufacturers from the United States and we are dedicated to keeping it that way.

What this means to us is that while a US made product might cost more, the money is staying in the US to benefit the US and those working hard to sustain their families within the US.

Each custom and handcrafted product that is made by Accelerated-Solutions is done so using top quality American products. Our Craftsman are dedicated to ensuring each product is carefully considered for quality, fit & finish, durability and comfort.Overall our goal is to give you a product that will help protect your life or the life of another if that difficult moment presents itself.

Accelerated-Solutions was created to provide custom products to working professionals who work and play in a rigorous and ever-changing environment. We started with two ideas in mind, one from the military side which needed to hold up to constant abuse, the other on the executive protection side that needed sleek and concealable devices. Not only have we incorporated these two demanding professions into one, the result is a tried and true comfortable, dependable and durable product. Enjoy.

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